1 、Fundamentals of Economic Analysis

Scarce Resources

Production Possibilities

Functions of Economic Systems

2、 Demand, Supply, Market Equilibrium, and Welfare Analysis



Market Equilibrium

Welfare Analysis

3、Elasticity, Microeconomic Policy, and Consumer Theory


Microeconomic Policy and Applications of Elasticity

Consumer Choice

4、The Firm, Profit, and the Costs of Production

Firms, Opportunity Costs, and Profits

Production and Cost

5、Market Structures, Perfect Competition, Monopoly, and Things Between

Perfect Competition


Monopolistic Competition


6、Factor Markets

Factor Demand

Least-Cost Hiring of Multiple Inputs

Factor Supply and Market Equilibrium

Imperfect Competition in Product and Factor Markets

7、Public Goods, Externalities, and the Role of Government

Public Goods and Spillover Benefits

Pollution and Spillover Costs

Income Distribution and Tax Structures

8、 Macroeconomic Measures of Performance

The Circular Flow Model

Accounting for Output and Income

Inflation and the Consumer Price Index


9、 Consumption, Saving, Investment, and the Multiplier

Consumption and Saving


The Multiplier Effect

10、Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Aggregate Demand

Aggregate Supply

Macroeconomic Equilibrium

The Trade-off Between Inflation and Unemployment

11、Fiscal Policy, Economic Growth, and Productivity

Expansionary and Contractionary Fiscal Policy

Difficulties of Fiscal Policy

Economic Growth and Productivity

12、Money, Banking, and Monetary Policy

Money and Financial Assets

Fractional Reserve Banking and Money Creation

Monetary Policy

13、 International Trade

Comparative Advantage and Gains from Trade

Balance of Payments

Foreign Exchange Rates

Trade Barriers


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