Unit 1: Investigating the Ancient World

  Topic 1: Digging up the past

  Topic 2: Slavery

  Topic 3: Art and architecture

  Topic 4: Weapons and warfare

  Topic 5: Technology and engineering

  Topic 6: The family

  Topic 7: Beliefs, rituals and funerary practices

  Unit 2: Personalities in their times

  Topic 1: Hatshepsut

  Topic 2: Akhenaten

  Topic 3: Xerxes

  Topic 4: Perikles

  Topic 5: Alexander the Great

  Topic 6: Hannibal Barca

  Topic 7: Cleopatra

  Topic 8: Agrippina the Younger

  Topic 9: Nero

  Topic 10: Boudica

  Topic 11: Cao Cao

  Topic 12: Saladin (An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub)

  Topic 13: Richard the Lionheart

  Topic 14: Alternative choice of personality

  Unit 3: Reconstructing the Ancient World

  Topic 1: Thebes - East and West, 18th Dynasty Egypt

  Topic 2: The Bronze Age Aegean

  Topic 3: Assyria from Tiglath Pileser IIl to the fall of the Empire

  Topic 4: Fifth Century Athens (BCE)

  Topic 5: Philip Il and Alexander IIl of Macedon

  Topic 6: Early Imperial Rome

  Topic 7: Pompeii and Herculaneum

  Topic 8: Later Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms

  Topic 9: The 'Fall' of the Western Roman Empire

  Topic 10: The Medieval Crusades

  Unit 4: People, power and authority

  Topic 1: Egypt – New Kingdom Imperialism

  Topic 2: Greece — the Persian Wars

  Topic 3: Greece - the Peloponnesian War

  Topic 4: Rome - the Punic Wars

  Topic 5: Rome — Civil War and the breakdown of the Republic

  Topic 6: Thutmose III

  Topic 7: Rameses II

  Topic 8: Themistokles

  Topic 9: Alkibiades

  Topic 10: Scipio Africanus

  Topic 11: Julius Caesar

  Topic 12: Augustus



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