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Seeing the Doctor(看病)

A.Doctor:1、What's wrong (the matter) with you?2、How long have you been like this?3、Let me examine you.4、Take this medicine three times a day.5、Drink plenty of water and take a good rest.6、It's nothing serious. Take it easy.

B.Patient:1、There's something wrong with my stomach.2、I've got a pain here.3、I feel terrible (sick).4、This place hurts.5、I don't feel like eating anything.



1、—Well, ______?—I feel hot do you feel like B.what's the matter with youC.what do you feel D.what illness do you have

2、— ______?—Yes, I have. My temperature seems all right.A.Do you know your temperature B.Have you taken your temperatureC.Have you had your temperature D.Do you have your temperature

3、—Oh, doctor. Are you sure it's nothing serious?—Yes, ______. I'm sure of that.A.he'll well soon B.he can be right quicklyC.he'll be all right soon D.he'll be good soon

4、—You haven't had your lunch?—I had a little, but ______.A.I didn't feel like eating B.I didn't feel like to eatC.I didn't like to eating D.I didn't want to eating

5、— ______?—I'm feeling even worse after taking the medicine.A.Are you feeling better B.How are you feelingC.How are you getting on D.How are you going

6、—How about your headache now?—I can'tget rid ofit. I don't know what's the matter.—Take it easy. ______.—Thank you, doctor.A.Take this medicine before you go to bed B.Drink plenty of water and take a good restC.Take this medicine a day three times D.Go home and lie in bed for a good rest

7、—My whole body feels weak and I've got a headache.— ______?A.How long ago did you get it this B.How long have you been like thisC.How soon have you got it D.How soon have you liked this


1. B 2. B 3. C 4. A 5. B 6. A 7. B



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