alevel考试语法:交际用语 - 劝告和建议。很多同学不知道alevel考什么?不管alevel考试科目是alevel化学,alevel物理,alevel历史,alevel地理,还是其他的科目,都会用到alevel词汇和alevel语法,掌握好了alevel考试语法,会很容易的理解文章的意思,你就离alevel高分更近了一步。alevel语法不仅可以提高你的alevel考试成绩,对你的出国留学的申请和留学生活都会有很大的帮助。如果你有alevel考试报名,alevel考试费用,alevel考试地点等alevel考试相关的问题,请关注考而思在线alevel考试网,或者直接访问考而思在线alevel考试网在线咨询。

Advice and Suggestions(劝告和建议)

1、You'd better go to see the doctor.2、You should do it at once.3、Why not go on a picnic next Sunday?4、What (How) about going there by boat?5、Have youconsideredgoing there by boat?6、Shall we take a walk after supper?7、I suggest you do more reading.8、I advise you to take more exercises.



1、—I usually go there by train.—Why not ______ by boat for a change? try going B.trying to go try and go D.try going

2、—I'd like ______ information about themanagementof your hotel.—Well, you could have a word with the manager, he might be helpful.A.some, a, some C.some, some, a

3、—I'm afraid I've got a bad cold.— ______.A.Never mind B.Keep away from the medicineC.Better go and see a doctor D.You need take a medicine

4、—I can't see the words on the blackboard.—Perhaps you need examine your eyes have your eyes have examined your eyes D.your eyes to be examined

5、—Let's go and see our teacher on Teachers' Day.— ______.A.That's will do B.That's allC.That's all right D.All right


1. D 2. A 3. C 4. B 5. D



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