alevel考试语法:交际用语 - 告别。希望你能够认真的学习,对你的留学考试和留学生活中都会有帮助,考而思在线小编感谢你的阅读。



  1、It's getting late. I must be going.

  2、It's five o'clock already. I must be off now.

  3、Oh, God, it's late, I've got to go.

  4、It's time I was going, I'm afraid.

  5、I think I must go now.

  6、I think I'd better leave.

  7、I'm glad to have met you.


  1、Come again whenever you are free.

  2、If you pass my home, drop in.

  3、Good night, have a nice dream.

  4、Can't you stay a little longer?

  5、I hope we'll meet again sometime.



  1、—It's five o'clock already, I must be going.

  —Well, come again ______ you are free.

  A.if B.whenever C.when D.while

  2、—Oh, God, it's late. I've got to go.

  — ______. Hope to see them soon.

  A.Give your parents my greetings B.Remember me to your parents

  C.Show my greetings to your parents D.Say hello to your parents

  3、—It's time I was going, I'm afraid.

  — ______.

  A.Good evening B.Good night C.Bye-bye D.All the best

  4、—Well, I'd better let you get on with your work.

  — ______.

  A.I've wasted a lot of your time B.Thank you for a lovely afternoon

  C.You must be tired D.I'm sorry to trouble you

  5、—I'm flying home on Sunday morning.

  —I wish you ______.

  A.a pleasant journey home B.a good trip C.good lucky D.a happy journey travel

  6、—I think I must go now. See you later.

  — ______.

  A.You can go B.See you later C.Bye-bye D.So long

  7、—I'm glad to have met you. Drop by sometime.

  — ______.

  A.Thank you B.Give me a call C.Thanks, I certainly will D.Take care

  8、—It's very kind of you to come and see me off.

  — ______.

  A.It's my pleasure B.much better C.Don't say it D.No problem

  9、—I'm going camping this weekend.

  — ______.

  A.Can you fish? B.Have a good time C.No, I'm too busy D.Don't give up now

  10、—I'll go to Beijing this weekend.


  A.You are lucky B.The best of luck C.Thank you D.Good-bye


  1.B 2.D 3.B 4.B 5.A 6.B 7.C 8.A 9.B 10.B



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