alevel考试语法:交际用语 - 介绍。希望你能够认真的学习,对你的留学考试和留学生活中都会有帮助,考而思在线小编感谢你的阅读。



  1、 This is my friend, Tom..

  2、Let me introduce you to my friend, Tom.

  3、May I introduce myself? I'm Tom.

  4、Please allow me to introduce my friend, Tom.

  5、I'd like you to meet my friend Tom.


  1、How do you do? Pleased to meet you. (Glad to meet you. Nice to meet you.)

  2、It's my pleasure to have this chance to meet you.



  1、—Hi, Tom, this is my friend John.

  — ______

  A.Nice to meet you. B.How are you? C.Hi, Tom, I'm John. D.Are you Tom?

  2、—Let me introduce myself. I'm Albert.

  — ______.

  A.With a pleasure B.It's my pleasure C.I'm very pleased D.Pleased to meet you

  3、When you are introduced to someone, you should say ______

  A.I'm getting on well. B.I love you very much. C.Fine, thank you. D.How do you do?

  4、—Have you met my girlfriend, Susan? Susan, this is Li.

  — ______

  A.Glad to meet you. B.Thank you. C.How are you? D.Welcome home.

  5、—Please allow me to introduce Mr. Smith, director of the department.

  — ______(久仰大名)

  A.I haven't seen you before. B.Haven't we met before?

  C.I've heard so much about you. D.How do you do?

  6、If Mr. Baker is here, will ______ please make ______ to me?, yourself known, you known C.he, us known D.he, himself known

  7、Let's give him a ______.

  A.warm welcome B.warming welcome C.warmly welcome D.warm welcoming



  1.A 2.D 3.D 4.A 5.C 6.D 7.A



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