Look at the map. 看地图。



1)单独使用时,后不跟介词。如:I looked but saw nothing. 我看了,但什么也没看见。Look! Here comes the bus. 瞧!汽车来了。Look before youleap. 三思而后行。

2)和at连用。如:The teacher is lookingseriouslyat us. 老师正严肃地看着我们。Look at these pictures. How beautiful they are! 看这些画,它们是多么漂亮啊!

3)和其它某些介词或副词连用:a、look after 照看,照料。如:He is old enough to look after himself. 他年龄足够大,能照看自己。b、look for 寻找。如:I looked for you just now, but I didn’t find you. 刚才我到处找你,但没有找到。c、look around 四下环顾,到处寻找。如:He looked around but he saw nobody. 他四下环顾,但什么人也没看到。d、look back on回想,回顾。如:They often look back on the days they spent together. 他们常回顾他们在一起度过的日子。e、look down on看不起。如:Don’t look down on others.不要看不起别人。f、look forward to 盼望。如:We are looking forward to seeing you again. 我们盼望再见到你。g、look into朝……里面看。如:He looked into the box, but he saw nothing. 他朝箱子里面看了看,但没看到什么。h、look on...as把某人看作。如:We look on him as our friends.我们把他看作我们的朋友。i、look out当心。如:Look out! Don’t hit the tree. 当心!不要撞了树。j、look over仔细检查;翻阅。如:The doctor is looking him over. 医生正在给他做仔细检查。k、look through浏览;仔细检查;看穿。如:I have looked it through. 我已把它仔细地看了一遍。l、look up抬头看;查;找出。如:He looked up and smiled at me. 他抬起头,对我笑了笑。If there are words you don’t understand, look them up in the dictionary. 如果你有不认识的单词可以查词典。



1)后跟形容词。如:You look well/fine/healthy. 你看起来很健康。The teacher looks happy. 老师看上去很高兴。She lookspale. 她面色苍白。

2)后跟过去分词。如:You look tired; you’d better have a rest. 你看上去很累,你最好休息一下。

3)后跟名词。如:He looks a nice, honest man. 他看上去是个诚实的好人。

4)后跟介词短语等。如:He looks in good health. 他看来十分健康。


如:He is looking me up and down. 他上下打量着我。



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