1. The radius of a sphere is measured with an uncertainty of 2 %. What is the uncertainty in the volume of the sphere?
A. 2 %
B. 4 %
C. 6 %
D. 8 %


2. The force of air resistance F that acts on a car moving at speed v is given by F =kv² where k is a constant. What is the unit of k?



3. A body moves on a straight line. The graphs show the variation of displacement with time.Which graph shows motion with negative acceleration?

4.The graph shows how the net force F that acts on a body varies with the distance x that the body has travelled.

After travelling 6 m, the change in the kinetic energy of the body is
A. 0 J.
B. 20 J.
C. 30 J.
D. 60 J.


5. Two blocks of weight 5 N and 2 N are attached to two ropes, X and Y.

The blocks hang vertically. The mass of the ropes is negligible. What is the tension in X and the tension in Y?


6.A constant force of 12 N is applied for 3.0 s to a body initially at rest. The final velocity of the body is 6.0 ms-¹;. What is the mass of the body?
A. 1.5 kg
B. 6.0 kg
C. 24 kg
D. 36 kg


7. A cart of mass 4.0 kg is being pulled with a force of 24 N. The cart accelerates at 3.0 ms-². What is the net force on the cart?
A. 6.0 N
B. 8.0 N
C. 12 N
D. 24 N


8. The maximum speed with which a car can take a circular turn of radius R is v. The maximum speed with which the same car, under the same conditions, can take a circular turn of radius 2R is
A. 2v.
C. 4v.


9. A mass M of an ideal gas X is kept in a container of volume V at kelvin temperature T. A second container has volume 2V and contains a mass 2M of an ideal gas Y at kelvin temperature 2T.

What is the ratio (average kinetic energy of molecules of gas Y/average kinetic energy of molecules of gas X) ?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 8


10. A fixed mass of water is heated by an electric heater of unknown power P. The following quantities are measured

  • I. mass of water
  • II. increase in water temperature
  • III. time for which water is heated.

In order to calculate P, the specific heat capacity of the water is required. Which are also required?

A. I and II only

B. I and III only

C. II and III only

D. I, II and III


11. A block of iron of mass 10 kg and temperature 10 °C is brought into contact with a block of iron of mass 20 kg and temperature 70 °C. No energy transfer takes place except between the two blocks.

What will be the final temperature of both blocks?
A. 30 °C
B. 40 °C
C. 50 °C
D. 60 °C




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