1. What is the order of magnitude of the estimated age of the universe in seconds?

A. 1012

B. 1015

C. 1018

D. 1021

2. The resistive force F acting on a sphere of radius r travelling with speed v through a liquid is given by the equation


where n is a constant. What are the SI units of n?

A. kg m–1 s–2

B. kg m2 s–1

C. kg m–1 s–1

D. kg m–1 s–3


3. A small object is attached to a string and rotated in a circle of constant radius in a horizontal plane. The tension T in the string is measured for different speeds v. Which of the following plots should give a straight-line graph?

A. T against v

B. T2 against v

C. T against v2

D. T2 against v2


4. The vector diagram shows two forces acting on a point object O. The forces are in the plane of the page.

Another 5 N force is applied to O in the plane of the page. Which of the following gives the direction of this force to ensure that O is in equilibrium?

5. The graph shows how an external force applied to an object of mass 2.0 kg varies with time. The object is initially at rest.

What is the speed of the object after 0.60 s?

A. 7.0 ms–1

B. 14 ms–1

C. 18 ms–1

D. 28 ms–1


6. A stone is thrown vertically upwards from the surface of Earth. Which of the following quantities will not become zero while the stone is in the air?

A. Speed

B. Velocity

C. Momentum

D. Acceleration


7. An ice-hockey puck is slid along ice in a straight line. The puck travels at a steady speed of 20ms–1 and experiences no frictional force. How far does the puck travel in 2.5 s?

A. 5 m

B. 8 m

C. 25 m

D. 50 m


8. A block of weight W slides down an inclined plane at a constant speed.

The normal reaction acting between the block and the plane is R and the frictional force between the block and the plane is F. The incline is at an angle θ to the horizontal. What is the magnitude of F ?

A. R cos θ

B. R sin θ

C. W cos θ

D. W sin θ


9. An egg dropped on the floor is likely to break. However, when it is wrapped in a cloth it is less likely to break. This is because the cloth

A. increases the time for which the force of the ground acts on the egg.

B. reduces the momentum of the egg.

C. reduces the change of momentum of the egg.

D. reduces the impulse acting on the egg.


10. A pure solid is heated at its melting point. While it is melting the

A. mean kinetic energy of the molecules of the solid increases.

B. mean potential energy of the molecules of the solid increases.

C. temperature of the solid increases.

D. temperature of the solid decreases.




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