1. Which of the following is equivalent to the joule?

A. N m2

B. N m–2

C. kg m s–2

D. kg m2 s–2


2. An object falls for a time of 0.25s. The acceleration of free fall is 9.81ms–2. The displacement is calculated. Which of the following gives the correct number of significant digits for the calculated value of the displacement of the object?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4


3. A raindrop falling from rest at time t=0 reaches terminal velocity. Which graph best represents how the speed v varies with time t ?

4. The graph shows how the displacement d of an object varies with time t. The tangent to the curve at time t1 is also shown.

Which of the following gives the speed of the object at point P?

A. the gradient at P

B. the shaded area

C. 1/gradient at P

D. d1/t1


5. A ball falls vertically and bounces off the ground. Immediately before impact with the ground the speed of the ball is u. Immediately after leaving the ground the speed is v.

Which of the following expressions is the ratio of (kinetic energy lost on collision/kinetic energy immediately before collision)?

A. v/u

B. 1-v/u

C. (v/u)2

D. 1-(v/u)2


6. A railway engine of mass m moves along a horizontal track with uniform speed v. The total resistive force acting on the engine is F.

Which of the following is the power of the engine?

A. F/mv

B. Fv

C. mv/F

D. v/F


7. A ball is tied to a string and rotated at a uniform speed in a vertical plane. The diagram shows the ball at its lowest position. Which arrow shows the direction of the net force acting on the ball?

8. A gas atom strikes a wall with speed v at an angle θ to the normal to the wall. The atom rebounds at the same speed v and angle θ.

Which of the following gives the magnitude of the momentum change of the gas atom?

A. zero

B. 2mv sinθ

C. 2mv

D. 2mv cosθ


9.A system consists of an ice cube placed in a cup of water. The system is thermally insulated from its surroundings. The water is originally at 20°C. Which graph best shows the variation of total internal energy U of the system with time t ?

10.Thermal energy is added at a constant rate to a substance which is solid at time t=0. The graph shows the variation with t of the temperature T.

Which of the statements are correct?

I. The specific latent heat of fusion is greater than the specific latent heat of vaporization.

II. The specific heat capacity of the solid is less than the specific heat capacity of the liquid.

A. I only

B. I and II

C. II only

D. Neither I nor II


11. Which of the following is an assumption made in the kinetic model of ideal gases?

A. Molecules have zero mass.

B. Forces between molecules are attractive.

C. Collisions between molecules are elastic.

D. Molecules move at high speed.




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