1. Which of the following is a fundamental unit?

A. Ampere

B. Coulomb

C. Ohm

D. Volt


2. The maximum acceleration amax of an oscillator undergoing simple harmonic motion (SHM) has a percentage uncertainty of 12 %. The amplitude x0 of the oscillation has a percentage uncertainty of 20 %. Ifwhat is the percentage uncertainty in the constant k ?

A. 4 %

B. 8 %

C. 16 %

D. 32 %


3. An object is dropped from rest above the Earth’s surface. Air resistance acts on the object.What is the variation of acceleration a with time t for the object?

4. Which of the following is a condition for an object to be in translational equilibrium?

A. The object must be moving at constant speed.

B. The velocity of the object in any direction must be zero.

C. The forces acting horizontally on the object must equal the forces acting vertically on the object.

D. The resultant force acting on the object must be zero.


5. An object rotates in a horizontal circle when acted on by a centripetal force F. What is the centripetal force acting on the object when the radius of the circle doubles and the kinetic energy of the object halves?

A. F/4

B. F/2

C. F

D. 4F


6. No external forces act on a given system during an inelastic collision. For this system, which is correct about the conservation of kinetic energy and the conservation of linear momentum?

7. An object of mass m1 has a kinetic energy E1. Another object has a mass m2 and kinetic energy E2.The objects have the same momentum. What is the ratio E1/E2?

A. 1

B. √m2/m1



8. A metal sphere is at rest on a bench. According to Newton’s third law of motion, what is a possible action-reaction pair for this situation?

9. Two objects are in thermal contact, initially at different temperatures. Which of the following determines the transfer of thermal energy between the objects?

  • I. The mass of each object
  • II. The thermal capacity of the objects
  • III. The temperature of the objects

A. I only

B. I and II only

C. II and III only

D. III only


10. An electrical heating coil of power P is used to transfer thermal energy to a body of mass m.In a time t the body changes temperature by Δθ . What is the thermal capacity of the body?








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