1. What is the unit of electrical energy in fundamental SI units?

A. kg m2C-1s

B. kg ms-2

C. kg m2s-2

D. kg m2s-1 A

2. Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

A. Velocity

B. Momentum

C. Kinetic energy

D. Acceleration

3. An object is released from rest in the gravitational field of the Earth. Air resistance is negligible. How far does the object move during the fourth second of its motion?

A. 15 m

B. 25 m

C. 35 m

D. 45 m

4. The graph shows the variation of speed v of an object with time t.

Which graph shows how the distance s travelled by the object varies with t?

5. Two boxes in contact are pushed along a floor with a force F. The boxes move at a constant speed. Box X has a mass m and box Y has a mass 2m.

What is the resultant force acting on Y?

A. 0

B. F/2

C. F

D. 2F

6. An elevator (lift) and its load have a total mass of 750 kg and accelerate vertically downwards at 2.0 ms-2.

What is the tension in the elevator cable?

A. 1.5 kN

B. 6.0 kN

C. 7.5 kN

D. 9.0 kN

7. A graph shows the variation of force acting on an object moving in a straight line with distance moved by the object.Which area represents the work done on the object during its motion from P to Q?

A. X

B. Y

C. Y + Z

D. X + Y + Z

8. A car travelling at a constant velocity covers a distance of 100 m in 5.0 s. The thrust of the engine is 1.5 kN.

What is the power of the car?

A. 0.75 kW

B. 3.0 kW

C. 7.5 kW

D. 30 kWTurn

9. An inelastic collision occurs between two bodies in the absence of external forces.

What must be true about the total momentum of the two bodies and the total kinetic energy of the two bodies during this interaction?

A. Only momentum is conserved.

B. Only kinetic energy is conserved.

C. Both momentum and kinetic energy are conserved.

D. Neither momentum nor kinetic energy are conserved.

10. A liquid is initially at its freezing point. Energy is removed at a uniform rate from the liquid until it freezes completely.

Which graph shows how the temperature T of the liquid varies with the energy Q removed from the liquid?




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