1. The ages of people attending a music concert are given in the table below.

(a) Find p .

The cumulative frequency diagram is given below.

(b) Use the diagram to estimate

(i) the 80th percentile;

(ii) the interquartile range.


(a) Write down the value of m and of n .

(b) Find AB .

(c) Let C be a p×4 matrix. Given that the product BC exists, write down the value of p .


3.Let f (x) = e6x .

(a) Write down f'(x) .

The tangent to the graph of f at the point P(0, b) has gradient m .

(b) (i) Show that m = 6 .

(ii) Find b .

(c) Hence, write down the equation of this tangent.


4.Events A and B are such that P(A) = 0.3, P(B) = 0.6 and P(A∪B) = 0.7 .

The values q , r , s and t represent probabilities.

(a) Write down the value of t .

(b) (i) Show that r = 0 2 . 

(ii) Write down the value of q and of s .

(c) (i) Write down P(B') .

(ii) Find P(A|B' ).




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