1. The mean height for adult men in the United States is 1.78 m with a standard deviation of 8 cm. Which statement is true?

A. The tallest man in the United States is 1.86 m tall.

B. 68 % of men in the United States are between 1.74 m and 1.82 m tall.

C. 68 % of men in the United States are between 1.70 m and 1.86 m tall.

D. 100 % of men in the United States are within two standard deviations of 1.78 m.


2. Which property makes stem cells suitable for therapeutic use?

A. They can divide by meiosis to form gametes.

B. They contain chemicals that can kill bacteria.

C. Their chromosomes are suitable for gene transfer and cloning.

D. They can differentiate into specialized cells.


3. Which features are present in prokaryotic cells?

A. DNA, plasma membrane and mitochondria

B. DNA, cell wall and pili

C. ribosomes, chloroplasts and cell wall

D. cytoplasm, ribosomes and rough endoplasmic reticulum


4. Where in the cell do condensation reactions involving amino acids occur?

A. Nucleus

B. Golgi apparatus

C. Ribosomes

D. Lysosome


5. Which process is possible due to the fluidity of cell membranes?

A. Endocytosis

B. Osmosis

C. ATP production

D. Cell recognition


6. In which stage of mitosis is the cell labelled X?

A. Anaphase

B. Interphase

C. Metaphase

D. Prophase


7. Between which atoms do hydrogen bonds form in water?

A. Oxygen and hydrogen atoms in the same water molecule

B. Oxygen and hydrogen atoms in different water molecules

C. Hydrogen atoms in the same water molecule

D. Oxygen atoms of different water molecules


8. Which carbon compound produced by living organisms is inorganic?


B. Cellulose

C. Glucose

D. Carbon dioxide


9. What occurs during DNA replication?

A. DNA polymerase separates the two DNA strands.

B. DNA molecules containing nucleotides from the original molecule are produced.

C. Adenine forms a base pair with either thymine or uracil.

D. New bases attach to the original sugar-phosphate backbone.


10. Which graph shows the effect of increasing the substrate concentration on enzyme activity?




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